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Installation Types



Commercial solar is typically incorporated with battery back up and utilizes demand shift software to allow the customer to take advantage of off-peak utility rates for consumption.



We specialize in custom ground mount applications and are able to give you a better looking installation with more flexibility than most companies.



When considering solar on your home, keep in mind that the system will be there for 25 years, or longer. The look of the solar system on your home is equally important to us as a company.


Dual Axis Tracker

When ground space is in issue, a dual axis tracker is an attractive option and Solar production values are 30% to 45% higher than fixed tilt systems

Why Choose Us?

Sun Dollar Solar is a family owned and operated in Cherry Valley, CA. At Sun Dollar, we believe in our systems and imagine a world with clean air and renewable energy for future generations. Our installation crew has a passion for making the world a better place and don't just see Solar Installation as a job, its a passion. A passion that will drive a top of the line system installation with an outstanding energy output to power the need of your home.

The Solar Process

  • 20%
  • 40%
    Assess the System Plan
  • 60%
    Begin System Installation
  • 80%
  • 100%
    Power the System On

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